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The Section Administrative Program was established in 2003.  Over the years, the role and services of the Admin team has evolved greatly.  The purpose of the program at its core is to shift administrative functions and processes of the Sections to the National staff at HQ.  The goal is to deliver superior services and programs to PGA Members by allowing Section staff to focus their efforts on aspects of their business that directly and positively impact their locally delivered programs.  Sections should encounter direct financial savings by joining the Admin Program.

There are over 150 functions that can be processed by the Section Admin and Finance teams remotely from the National Office. Although the National staff processes Section functions, the Section still manages these functions. The National Finance team offers experts in accounting, finance and tax services. Thirty-five PGA Sections are currently on the Admin program.


• Section receives additional employees to assist them with their day-to-day administrative and operational duties.

• Section has extra time to focus on growing the game of golf and promoting National/Section programs.

• Customers are in a centralized database, that is accessible 24/7.

• The Admin Team updates and maintains customer records.

• The Member’s service history on committees and Board of Officers are being tracked.

• The Member’s Chapter affiliation and Section award history is recorded.

• Creative content including emails, newsletters, flyers, brochures, logos, birthday/holiday cards, and much more.


Admin Standards

The Admin Team provides administrative and operational assistance to the PGA Sections.  This allows the Section to reduce the cost for additional administrative staff and focus on growing the game of golf.  We are constantly striving to improve our services.  The team assists with numerous duties that Sections perform daily.  We do our best to work with tasks in the order they are received. Understanding that things do come up during the day, we've compiled a list of standards that we ask each section to adhere by:

The email address is a group set up in Outlook. This group includes all Admin Team members.  By copying #SectionAdmin on your emails, if your Administrative Representative is out of the office, another Representative will see the email and be able to make sure it gets taken care of.  If you do not copy #SectionAdmin, your request will not be seen and can only be taken care of after your Representative returns to the office.  This will delay a time sensitive email or report request.

Standards will be quality controlled by the Admin Team. Sections will receive a copy of the email for review before it is sent out.  To ensure your email goes out the same day as planned, please respond no later than 3:30 pm EST.  If the email is not approved, your email may not be sent until the following day. Section staff should be set up as Users or as a distribution group to receive copy of email.

Requests for Reports
Please include specific information needed in the report such as customer ID, first name, last name, display name, preferred address, facility address, class, etc. to enable reports to be run in a timely manner with less chance of miscommunication. By sending a request via email, if your Admin Rep is not available, another Admin Team member may fulfill the request.

Printed Supplies
Need Letterhead, envelopes, note cards or Scorecards printed? You can create and order them through Office Max:

You can order online HERE - Please contact your Admin Rep if you need help accessing the site.